Something I noticed about eroges

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Re: Something I noticed about eroges

Postby TDOMMX » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:58 am

DarkFusion wrote:Third movie's been announced for Fall 2012: ... -fall-2012 ... ing-dated/

Edit: Anyone besides me find the idea of an Evangelion movie coming out in 2012 funny? :)

Well, people insist that the Mayans predicted the apocalypse... May as well prove them right in at least some sense of the word. Remember, folks, the next installment is supposedly a double-feature: 3.0 (Quickening) and 4.0 (Finale). And we all know how the last ending to the Evangelion saga turned out.

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There's that close call at the end of You can (not) advance., too...
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Re: Something I noticed about eroges

Postby Lancer-X » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:46 am

The Mayans predicted the year right but they got the date wrong. Us KeroQ fans know it's July 20 =P
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Re: Something I noticed about eroges

Postby Depreciation » Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:20 pm

Nargrakhan wrote:It's not just the sex though... The OP movies are pretty template. So are the character design themselves: childhood next door neighbor, tomboy who always says "boku" all the time, huge breast and glasses, etc. Nevermind that +50% of the market are just clones of each other, or borrow something from Sentimental Graffiti/Tokimeki Memorial at some basic level. For example you get something successful like Tsukihime (which in of itself isn't a "new" idea in the b-game industry), and there's 500 clones of it.

Eroge is a lot like Hollywood actually... recycled/rebooted/rebranded ideas and whatnot. Only 1% of the stuff is truly original. :|

I would agree with the observation that Eroge lot like Hollywood. Neither one of them were born from blank slates. There is actually a cool site that delves into recurring character/plot themes from all sorts of media and genres across the board: ( There are a plenty of such themes all over and they are very pervasive.)

It is more about how to put together 'right' combos, rather than creating originals.
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