Chain: The Lost Footprints

Chain: The Lost Footprints

A bold, erotic bishoujo adventure game, wrapped in a "hard boiled" detective story with just a touch of murder.

Package Edition
Release Date
July 7, 2002
Mature Content
18+ Adults Only



Takeshi Shinonome is a private detective in a city where everyone has something to hide. One day, he is asked by a young lady, Ayumu, to investigate the rumors concerning her husband. Since she's the sister of an old friend of his, he takes the case and finds her husband having an affair. Ayumi's father, a well-known politician, is impressed with his work and requests he continue investigating deeper, to prevent any possible scandals from surfacing before the upcoming election.

As Takeshi's investigation brings him closer to the truth, Ayumu is confronted with an extremely dangerous situation. Who's behind it, and why do they want her dead? Is this linked to Ayumi's father, or does it run deeper? Will the beautiful girls he romances help him solve the mystery, or are they playing him?

About This Game

A superb Japanese eroge translated by G-Collections, this is Chain, a dark and sinister vision of suspense, hard-boiled mystery, and much more! Following the classic pattern of the Western detective story, it's a game populated with all manner of beautiful and dangerous women! One of the classic games by Zyx and G-Collections.

Software Infomation

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