Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

Flowers -Le volume sur printemps-

Painfully shy Suoh enters an all-girls academy and, as spring unfurls, finds that love blossoms in the most unlikely of places.

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Innocent Grey
Release Date
August 16, 2016
Mature Content



In the middle of a forest isolated from the rest of the world lies Saint Angraecum Academy, an all-girls school. This private boarding school is isolated from the rest of the world, allowing the girls who attend the space and freedom to develop into young ladies under the guidance of their teachers. This is where Suoh Shirahane, a painfully shy girl, will begin her first year of high school. Follow her as she navigates new friendships and attempts to unravel the many mysteries at the academy, including occult rituals and the mysterious disappearance of fellow students, all while trying to pass her classes. Suoh must learn to overcome her anxieties as she navigates new friendships. These bonds of friendship grow even stronger within the academy's special Amitié program, and Suoh's heart will open for the first time. But is it okay to like a girl? Within the halls of Saint Angraecum Academy, spring warms into summer, as do Suoh's friendships until they too blossom into something much more.

About This Game

The Flowers series is developed by Innocent Grey, the studio behind Kara no Shoujo. It's a beautifully crafted story that will tug on your heart strings as you help Suoh on her journey. The game's visual novel format has seven different endings along a branching storyline mixed with mystery and yuri romance, presented with stunning artwork and an engrossing soundtrack. Flowers -Le volume sur printemps- is the first installment of this series, set appropriately in Spring.

Software Infomation

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