My Girlfriend is the President

My Girlfriend is the President

Aliens have wiped everyone's memory, and now your cute neighbor is the president of Japan! A hilarious game of moe political parody.

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Release Date
November 26, 2009
Mature Content
18+ Adults Only



In the not so distant future, a young man awakes to find the White House next door! Why? Because your friend just became the president of New Japan!

Hondou never imagined his friend would be the leader of Japan, but this is his new life. She's the president, appointed by an alien overload that brainwashed all of humanity to believe in a new world order, lead by cute girls instead of army generals. He's taken a spot on the new moe administration, so things aren't that bad. What could go wrong?

About This Game

You are the new trusted adviser to the president of New Japan, with the goal of returning the world to its original pre-alien-invasion state. How will you accomplish this? No idea, but you're going to try anyway! My Girlfriend is the President is a romantic comedy visual novel starring cute girl versions of real-world political figures. It features off-the-wall humor, tons of erotic content, and four cute girls to romance. Recommended to anyone looking for a lighthearted moe experience.


  • Yukino Ohama

    Yukino Ohama

    The protagonists's childhood friend, who was made into the President of the United States of Nippon by aliens. She has a brainwashing device embedded in her body which causes people to accept her as their leader She's a very shy girl, fretting about everything and especially nervous about kissing you.

  • Irina Vladimirovna Putina

    Irina Vladimirovna Putina

    The president of "Rusia," Irina is a girl with super charisma. On her first day visiting Nippon, she is saved by the protagonist and falls in love with him. The main character decides her nickname should be "Putin," which sounds very cute in Japanese.

  • Qoo Little-Little

    Qoo Little-Little

    A mysterious "loli alien" with twintails, she is responsible for the changes that have come over Yukino after her ship crashed, destroying Japan's government completely.

  • Starship Ezekiel, aka

    Starship Ezekiel, aka "Ell"

    A state-of-the-art UFO that crashed into Nippon and has assumed humanoid form, she is the primary protector of President Ohama, and a convenient person to have around in a pinch thanks to her advanced technology. Quiet and obedient, she rarely leaves your side.

  • Chief of Staff Ran Miyoshi

    Chief of Staff Ran Miyoshi

    Another childhood friend of the protagonist who lives near his house, Ran is one year older. A mysterious girl who possesses many secrets, she thinks of herself as your older sister at times, although has real affection for you.

  • Saionji


    The manager of the Chinese restaurant Ran works at, he is an alien who wears the form of a panda, though only the main character and Irina can see this form.

Software Infomation

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