Private Nurse

Private Nurse

Hiroki has been sick all his life. One day his mother hires a "private nurse" for him, one that can heal him forever!

Release Date
November 20, 2002
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Young Hiroki has been sick all his life. His father died when he was young, and his mother is distant. Even with all of this, he thinks of himself as a pretty normal guy, except that he's completely dependent on his childhood friend, Ayano, who enjoys taking care of him while his mother is away.

One day, Hiroki's mom calls and tells him, "I'm hiring a 'private nurse' for you," but Hiroki strongly objects. He doesn't even know what a "private nurse" is, but he knows he doesn't want one... until she's standing in his doorway, dressed in a sexy nurse uniform.

"Hi, I'm Maria. I'm your new private nurse!" She promises to cure Hiroki of his disease within a month. While unbelievable, he tentatively accepts and the treatment begins. Her methods are very "hands on", and Ayano watches with mixed feelings as Maria treats him. As his treatment intensifies so do feelings of love and jealousy. What kind of treatment will Maria use to finally cure Hiroki, and will Ayano just quietly watch and do nothing?

About This Game

Private Nurse is an outstanding dramatic game about the love triangle that arises when Hiroki gets a sexy new private nurse to take care of him, which gives his childhood friend Ayano pause, since she wants to be the one to heal him. Come and experience the intrigue as Hiroki turns Maria into his private sexual teacher! Come be healed with Hiroki in this classic bishoujo game from JAST USA and G-Collections. One of the great games by talented artist Deguchi Yosuke.


  • Maria


    A legendary "Private Nurse," reputed to be the best in the world, above and beyond any practitioner in hospitals. She is always smiling, and has an uncanny ability to be kind and gentle while always getting her way. She loves her work, but there is always time for a little TV! Age 20.

  • Ayano Miyamori

    Ayano Miyamori

    Hiroki's childhood friend. They have lived next to each other forever and she is the only one who understands him. She's an intelligent, athletic girl who treats Hiroki as a person, not a sick boy. However, she is extremely tomboyish and has no patience. Maria's arrival unsettles Ayano and makes her re-examine her feelings. Age 18.

  • Mio Sasho

    Mio Sasho

    The nurse at Hiroki's school. He has gotten to know her because he spends a lot of time there due to his illness. She is always cold to everyone, and seems to do nothing but sleep while she's at work. It seems the only way to crack her shell is to offer her something sweet to eat! Age 30.

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